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Golive TV is the first intercultural IPTV station in Canada! Designed to unite,inform, and strenghthen social communities, families and businesses. A new way to communicate through the latest technologies, and entertain with the best content online and live.

Besides having unlimited access to popular channels from countries around the world, GOlive user have a wide range of movies, independent productions and programming at their fingertips, all day, everyday.



Every Sunday at 9AM/4PM

Want to participate? Call us: +1 647.870.5483

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GoLive TV is a live broadcasting intercultural IPTV station that offers viewer’s intensely-local, urban-oriented, culturally-diverse television programming via internet using modern technology. 

A distinct alternative to other conventional television stations, GoLive TV engages its viewers with dynamic on-air personalities and delivers an immense variety of programs such as local news, interactive formats, shows, entertainment, and more. Its 24/7 broadcasting offers perspective into a diverse multitude of cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, religion, cooking, immigration, construction, sports, music, and dance from all around the world. Our Sunday show in particular appeals to a wide variety of audiences from different countries across the globe by presenting the beauty of Canada’s multiculturalism— namely the Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Congolese, Spanish, Turkish, and Kurdish community. This technologically advanced IPTV station is provided to viewers in the versatility of its own mobile app that is easily accessed on all devices and also on platforms of social media such as Golive TV App, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and Vimeo. One of the main things that distinguish GoLive TV from other massive television is that all of its content is available for anyone around the world to access for free, anytime, anywhere.

GoLive TV has become the fastest-growing IPTV station in Canada, gaining over 2.2 million active viewers since it was first launched in August 2018. 
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